Why Marriage? Why Divorce?

The life’s supreme happiness is belief that we are loved; loved for what we are, or, rather said, in spite of what we are.” (Victor Hugo)


There’s still a large number of people who choose to get married today, even the great number of those who will divorced, many times, just a few years later.

And maybe is time to asking why?

Which are the real reasons for people still choose the marriage in the detriment of another types of cohabitations? Here ar just a few reasons for choosing marriage:

1. Belief that the true love can exist just within a legitimate relationship;

2. Fear that without making this big step your relation is more vulnerable and you can lose your partner any time;

3. Some financial or material interests;

4. Because of familial, social and cultural pattern which say to us that only married people enjoys the society respect and assessment; so, our fear that we can lose them;

5. Belief that the relation with your partner will be “for entire life” one;

6. Because the engagement and wedding are still romantics and is great to say to your friends: “this is my wife”, or “this is my husband”.

In spite of all this reasons to get married, many people get divorced just a few years later. And the price for that is a big one: to many children growing up with just one of their parents, with limited resources, to much children assisting to the fight between their parents.

Divorce is not a phenom which we can meet just in underprivileged social background, but in all social categories, no matters if the parents are doctors, businessman or simple workman.

So what we can do?





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